Web Tools

* Google: Web search and other functions
* News: News Map
* BuzzTracker: World News, Mapped
* Newsvine: Open-source news service
* Nepal Time: From worldtimes server
* Nepal weather: Weather from CNN
* Forex: Foreign Exchange
* NEPSE Index : Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd.
* A multi-source dictionary search service
* Online Etymology Dictionary: From Douglas Harper.
* Authorstream: Repository of Powerpoints by authors
* Encyclopædia: From Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.
* : A wide-range of topics on countries
* Rajan Nepal's Date Converter: Converts BS to AD and vice versa
* You Tube: Self-broacast outlet online
* Hexadecimal Color Codes: For HTML
* Nepali Tube: Self-broacast Nepali site
* Flickr: Online photo shareware
* My Space: A social network
* Facebook: A social network for students
* Frappr: A web-based community mapper
* Digg: User-powered content
* Collection of favorite content
* Currency Convertor: Universal currency converter
* Translator: Google translator
* Tiny URL: Converts long URLs into short ones
* Twitter: Instant contact and upates
* PDF Convertor: Documents or images into PDF format
* Citation machine: By David Warlick & The Landmark Project
* Online Image Optimizer: From the Dyanmic Drive

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