Guidelines for Authors

Nepal Monitor accepts unsolicited submissions from outside writers, journalists, scholars, development workers, social activists, Nepal experts, and other professionals.

Aspiring writers or readers without much prior experience in writing are also encouraged to submit their works. We are a media-centric publications, but all other topics — politics, culture, society, religion, environment, and more — are considered.

We discourage emotionally skewed pieces — they must be grounded on solid facts and sound logic.

Our cause is social change and social justice, and we welcome articles that examine and advocate public policies towards those ends. The Monitor articles typically emphasize media's role in civic life, an engaged and enlightened citizenry. We are looking for articles that illuminate media trends and performance, democracy, dialogue, human rights, and diversity as well as writings that explore media and public affairs in terms of creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership in public life.

Our bias is more towards interdependence and cooperation than towards resistance and competition. But we do accept well-reasoned resistance writings that examine and critique power structures and advocate social justice and change.

We publish well-written articles based on good research, credible sources, relevant facts, details and observations and those that appeal to national and international audience.

Although the focus is Nepali affairs, the journal welcomes articles on regional affairs and international issues that may be of direct interest to Nepal and other Third World countries. The following are the types of pieces we consider for publication:

Informative articles: News reports, investigative stories, news features, etc. 1,500 words or less.

Narrative/Reflective pieces: Travel reports, personal journal, autography, personality profiles, memoirs, etc. 1,500 words or less.

Interactive work: Interviews, Q&A, discussions, transcripts of interactions, etc. These are 800 to 2,000 words.

Opinion: News commentaries & op-eds, columns, letters to the editor, etc. These are 500 or 750 to 1,000 words.

Scholarly work: Research papers, essays, system analyses, position papers etc. These are 2,000 to 5,000 words. Please revise research papers, use layperson's language and avoid jargons. Please use Chicago Style for citation.

Reviews: Books, excerpts, performing arts (Films, Music, Dance) Websites, media outlets/products, etc. These are 750 to 1,000 words.

Please include a brief biographic note at the end of your contribution.

All works submitted to us MUST be original and the property of the contributor(s). Except on rare instances, we do not accept articles already published elsewhere.

As a not-for-profit outlet with limited resources and staff members, we cannot respond to every submission. We read each and every submission and select the articles via a rigorous review process. Selected articles will be published on a rolling basis.

We cannot guarantee that we will publish all works submitted to us. At this moment, we are not in a position to pay our authors any remuneration. But we do provide you an inclusive outlet for sharing your good work with the public.

Please email your submission as attachment (MS word) to Subject line should read "Submission."

Pitching Story Ideas

We are always looking for aspiring writers and reporters. Explain briefly what you would like to write about, why that topic is important, and why you should write on that topic. Also explain what sources you will use and who you will interview for your story. Submit enquiries at Subject line should read "Submission Query."

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