Nepal Overview

* Nepal: A Country Study: USFRD, Library of Congress
* Interactive Nepal Map: From Alertnet
* Nepal Virtual Map: From Microsoft
* Nepal Report: Travel Experience on the Web
* Satellite image of Nepal: Visible Earth, NASA. Also: | Elevation map of Kathamndu | Space radar images of Mt. Everest | More satellite images of Nepal
* Nepal: Google hybrid map
* Images of Nepal: Nepal Pictures
* Nepal Maps: Contemporary maps of Nepal, from University of Texas at Austin
* Nepal: The World Factbook: Central Intellegence Agency, USA
* Nepal: A Wikipedia Introduction
* Welcome Nepal: Nepal page by Nepal Tourism Board
* Info Nepal: Nepal Homepage: One of the original Nepal gateways, maintained by Yomari Inc.
* Digital South Asia Library: Features maps, dictionaries, statistics, etc., University of Chicago
* Nepal Travel Information: Lonely Planet travel destination guide
* Digital Himalaya: Ethnographic archives on the Himalayan region
* The Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library: Diverse knowldge online about Tibet and the Himalayas
* Nepal Development: A Web-based journal by Shyam KC and Sumit and Amod Pokhrel
* Nepal Research: One of the Web's pioneering research sites on Nepal, by Karl-Heinz Krämer
* Nepal Study Center: Dept. of Economics, University of New Mexico, by Prof. Alok K. Bohara
* Nepal Yellow Pages : Also other directories by View
* Nepal Economy Data : From Theodore Information

Ancient Nepal/North India
* Kirata (Nepal) and North India: (From the middle/late Vedic Period, 4th/5th century BCE), from Harvard Sanskrit Pofessor Witzel | This too
* Aryavarta: Ancient map of northern/central India (From
* North India: Locate Catmandue! (Ancient India, Moghul Empire, circa 1787)
* Selected Ethnic groups map of Nepal
* Nepaul with India: Circa 1824, from WC University
* India/Tibet/Nepal: Circa 1662, by de Wit

Ancient Asia
* Ptolemy regional map, Tabula Asia: With a view of South Asia by cartographer Ptolemy (date: unknown)

Medieval Maps of Asia (with South Asian view)
* Catalan Atlas I: By Abraham Cresques (?), (1375)
* Catalan Atlas II: By Abraham Cresques (?), (1375)
* Southeast Asia By by Ch'üan Chin and Li Hui, 1402 AD
* Asia map: Abraham Cresques (?) modern (but date unknown)

* Africa & India: With view of the Indian Ocean by Johannes Ruysch, circa 1500

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