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World Community Congratulates Nepal on Republic

Nepal Monitor samples some messages of congratulations from the world community, to a federal republican Nepal. These messages are appear cautious.

The following are some congratulatory statements from some members of the world community:

China hails Nepal's political change--

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang, (responded a question during a regular press conference in Beijing, on May 29, 2008, thus:
QUESTION: Q: Yesterday, the Constitutional Assembly of Nepal announced the establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic. Do you have any response to that?

GANG: China is happy to see the first meeting of the Constitutional Assembly of Nepal going on smoothing. As a good neighbor and friend of Nepal, we sincerely hope to see it continue to press ahead with the peace process and enjoy political stability and economic progress.

The Chinese Government adheres to the principle of non-interference in other countries' internal affairs. China respects the choice of people in Nepal of its social system and development road in light of its own national conditions. We are ready to make joint efforts with Nepal to promote the development of bilateral friendly relations and cooperation.


EU Congratulates
Kathmandu, May 30, 2008-- European Union Heads of Mission in Kathmandu on the first session of the Constituent Assembly meeting (a press release from the French embassy, local presidency of the EU):

The European Union Heads of Missions in Kathmandu welcome and congratulate the people of Nepal on the successful conduct of the first session of the Constituent Assembly and the declaration of a Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. European Union Heads of Missions in Kathmandu look forward to the members of the Constituent Assembly working together to draft Nepal’s new Constitution. The Constituent Assembly will face the challenge of creating a new constitution that secures peace, democracy, respect for human rights and development. The EU stands ready to support the Constituent Assembly in this work.

United States Congratulates the People of Nepal
US Embassy, Kathmandu, May, 29, 2008 -- U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu issued the following statement:
The United States of America congratulates the people of Nepal on the Constituent Assembly's first step in definning a new, democratic Nepal with the declaration of a republic on May 28. This is another exciting milestone in Nepal's democratic development. We encourage the representatives of the CA to continue their work to fulfill the peoples' desire for peace, democracy and development in Nepal.

Also this--

Tom Casey, Deputy Spokesman of US State Department, (responded a question during a daily press briefing in Washington DC, on May 28, thus:
QUESTION: Do you have any comments or any worries about ongoing violence and also a few bombings in Nepal, if anybody is in touch with the State Department? What’s now happening?
MR. CASEY: Goyal [first name of the journalist who asked the question], I’ll have to check for you. I wasn’t aware of any particular bombings or other kinds of violent actions today. In terms of Nepal in general, I think you’re familiar with our views on this. There’s been a political transition. There have been elections. The new government is in place and moving forward. We have had some conversations with those officials in part to verify that some of the efforts that we can make in terms of being able to provide humanitarian assistance and other programs are going to be able to move forward. Certainly, it’s a situation we continue to watch and we continue to urge forward political developments in that country. But I’m not aware that there has been anything particularly new in terms of an upsurge or a change in violent activity. Happy to look into it for you, though.


UK Congratulates
UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, May 29, 2008—The following is the statement by Lord Malloch-Brown, Minister for Africa, Asia and the UN on the first session of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal:
"The UK warmly congratulates the people of Nepal on the successful conduct of the first session of the Constituent Assembly. This is another step towards the democratic and stable future that the people of Nepal justly deserve.
I look forward to the Constituent Assembly beginning its work of drafting a constitution that reflects the needs of the people and that will guide Nepal in the years to come. I urge all parties to respect the mandate given to them following elections in April and to continue working in the spirit of their previous agreements during this important period of forming a new government and establishing the Constituent Assembly."
Press Office, Downing Street (West), London SW1A 2AL


United Nations
United Nations, April 10, 2008 - Statement by Ban-Ki Moon, UN Secretary on the first meeting of Constituent Assembly election:

Issued on May 28, 2008 Spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

The Secretary-General congratulates the Nepalese people on the historic first meeting of the Constituent Assembly. The people of Nepal have clearly spoken for peace and change through the 10 April Assembly election. The Secretary-General encourages all parties to continue working in a cooperative manner and to form a new Government as soon as possible.

Also, by Ian Martin, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal, released on May 28, 2008, the following press statement, congratulating the people of Nepal on the achievement of convening the historic CA:

I congratulate the people of Nepal on the achievement of convening the historic Constituent Assembly. The United Nations is proud to have assisted in the election of the most inclusive body Nepal has yet known. Its democratically-elected representatives have the solemn responsibility to prepare a new constitution as well as to act as an interim legislature during this next important phase of Nepal's peace process, and to fulfill the people's aspirations for sustained peace, economic and social progress, democracy and human rights.


Posted by Editor on May 30, 2008 11:13 PM