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World Congratulates Post-Election Nepal

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The world community congratulates Nepal for a largely peaceful Constituent Assembly election.

The following are some congratulatory statements from some members of the world community:

EU Congratulates
European Union, Brussels, April 12, 2008-- Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner on the elections in Nepal:

Benita Ferrero-Waldner, European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, congratulated the Nepalese people, political parties and candidates for their commitment to these historic elections in Nepal, which outlines the basis for creating new structures for a democratic Nepalese state: “I congratulate the Nepalese people for their strong commitment to the democratic process in their country. I encourage everybody to remain calm and patiently await the election results. These landmark elections will hopefully close a very painful chapter in the country's history and will constitute the first step in Nepal's process to restoring a representative and vibrant democracy in the country. The EU will accompany these efforts. I also want to thank the Chief Observer, Mr. Mulder, MEP, and the whole observation mission for their hard work.”

The elections for the constituent assembly in Nepal took place on the 10th of April. Election day was generally calm, orderly and well-organised. The European Commission notes with satisfaction that, despite a rather tense pre-electoral climate, the elections registered a high turnout of voters. The counting has started in some parts of the country and will commence in other parts later.

The EU has deployed an Election Observation Mission (EOM) to Nepal, led by a Member of the European Parliament, Jan Mulder, as a contribution to democracy and stability in Nepal. The preliminary statement, presented by the Chief Observer Mr. Mulder together with the Head of the European Parliament delegation, Mr. Borrell Fontelles, on the 12th of April, concluded that election day was largely successful despite a tense campaign period. The EU EOM deployed 120 observers from 22 EU Member States and Norway and Switzerland throughout Nepal to observe and assess the electoral process, in accordance with international standards for elections as well as the laws of Nepal. The EOM will stay on the ground until mid May to observe the post-election developments and the tabulation of results. A final report covering the elections and containing recommendations on the electoral process will be published by the EU EOM in the next few months.


China Congratulates
Chinese Embassy, Kathmandu, April 11, 2008—The following is the statement by the Chinese side:

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China gives the following remarks on the Constituent Assembly Elections held in Nepal:
The Chinese side is delighted to see that the Constituent Assembly Elections in Nepal were held smoothly. Nepal is China's friendly neighbor. We respect the choice made by the Nepalese people on the social system and development path according to Nepal's national conditions, and sincerely hope that Nepal could achieve political stability and economic development at an early date. The Chinese side will continue providing assistance to Nepal within its capacity.


United Nations
United Nations, April 10, 2008 - Statement by Ban-Ki Moon, UN Secretary:

The following statement was issued today by the Spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

The Secretary-General congratulates the people of Nepal on today’s Constituent Assembly election which took place in a generally orderly and peaceful atmosphere. He commends the Nepalese for their enthusiastic participation in this historic event and appeals to all parties to remain calm while awaiting the results.

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Indian External Affairs Ministry
New Delhi, April 10, 2008-- Statement by Official Spokesperson:

The successful Constituent Assembly elections in Nepal today are a welcome and historic step towards realizing the aspirations of the people of Nepal for a democratic future. This happy outcome is a product of the determination of the people of Nepal, with significant contributions by the political parties and the Election Commission of Nepal.

The Constituent Assembly provides a platform for the people of Nepal to determine the manner of their governance and their future. As always, India will stand by the people of Nepal in the major tasks of democratization and development that lie ahead while building a stable, prosperous and peaceful Nepal.


United States Congratulates People of Nepal
US Embassy, Kathmandu, April 10, 2008 -- U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu issued the following statement:

The United States heartily congratulates the people of Nepal on their successful Constituent Assembly election on April 10. After nearly a decade since the last general election and more than half a century of demanding the opportunity to elect representatives to draft a constitution, the voters have spoken. Despite pre-election violence and intimidation and the regrettable death of candidates and party workers, only a small percentage of polling stations will require re-polling. Overwhelmingly across the country men and women were able to cast their ballots in a peaceful and orderly way. This represents an historic achievement and is a tribute to the courage of the Nepali people and the conduct of the Election Commission. Nepal has taken a huge step forward on the path of peace and democracy. In the days and weeks to come as the votes are counted, we urge patience and respect for the results. We stand ready to assist the people of Nepal in their pursuit of a more peaceful, democratic and prosperous future.


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