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A Call for Peaceful Elections

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The international community based in Kathmandu calls for a peaceful election on April 10.

The following is the text of a joint statement (issued April 8/08) in Nepal on behalf of the Ambassadors, Charges d’Affaires and Representatives of countries and organisations, which include Australia; Canada; Denmark; European Commission; Finland; France; Germany; Israel; Japan; Republic of Korea; Netherlands; Norway; Russia; Switzerland; United Kingdom; United States.

We, as friends of Nepal, look forward to Thursday's Constituent Assembly elections. This is an historic opportunity for the Nepali people to consolidate the peace process and to create a more democratic, inclusive future for their country. We congratulate the Election Commission and parties on all sides for their efforts to bring about these elections, despite the challenges.

We are deeply concerned by the election-related killings, abductions, disturbances and intimidation which continue to take place in parts of the country, despite the agreement among the party leaders to end the violence.

We deplore the recent bomb blasts in Kathmandu and elsewhere and condemn those who seek to disrupt the elections. It is critically important that this violence stops, so that the people of Nepal are able to choose their new representatives, free from fear and threat.

We are glad to support these elections politically, diplomatically, financially and through the deployment of impartial international observers. It is essential that all international and domestic observers are able to do their job in safety, without obstruction or interference.

During the period between Election Day and the final announcement of the results and formation of the Constituent Assembly we urge all parties to remain patient and to abide by the established mechanisms for dispute settlement. We look to them to cooperate with the Interim Government and with one another to ensure a smooth transition to the new legislature and government.

The link leading to the text of this statement is here.

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Brihát Śhānti Sámjhautā, 2006
(Comprehensive Peace Agreement)

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