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India, US, UN, EU Welcome Agreement on Madhesh

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The world community welcomes the Madhesh agreement. They call for action, too.

The world community is welcoming the Feb 28 agreement between the SPA and the United Democratic Madhesi Front. The following are some reactions:

United Nations
Kathmandu, Feb 28, 2008 - Statement by Ian Martin, Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal:

I warmly welcome today’s agreement between the Seven-Party Alliance Government and the United Democratic Madhesi Front. Its implementation will be an important contribution to the election of an inclusive Constituent Assembly in a conducive climate.

A related UN News story


Indian External Affairs Ministry
New Delhi, Feb. 28, 2008-- Statement by Official Spokesperson on recent developments in Nepal:

We welcome the fact that the Seven Party Alliance Government of Nepal and the United Madhesi Democratic Front have reached an agreement paving the way for elections to the Constituent Assembly as scheduled. It was signed by PM Girija Prasad Koirala and Madhesi leaders in the presence of the leaders of the Seven Party Alliance.

It is our hope that all parties would honour and implement this agreement and their previous understandings. It is for the people of Nepal to choose their representatives, their future and the manner in which they wish to be governed. As always, India will continue to support Nepal in every way possible to achieve the goal of a democratic, stable and prosperous Nepal.


U.S. Welcomes Agreement Between UDMF and GON
US Embassy Kathmandu, February 28, 2008 -- U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu issued the following statement:

The United States Embassy welcomes the decision by the three United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) parties to sign a political agreement today with the Government of Nepal. We expect this agreement will lead the UDMF parties to end their Terai bandh (general strike) with immediate effect and will pave the way for the three parties to participate fully in the upcoming Constituent Assembly election on April 10. We expect further that both sides will fulfill the terms of the agreement. A free and fair election is the desire, we believe, of all Nepalis – in the mountains, the hills and the plains – and the United States is committed to doing its part to assist the people of Nepal in making this historic opportunity a reality.


EU Perspective
French Embassy, Kathmandu, Feb 28, 2008-- Local European Union Heads of Mission call for inclusive, credible, free and fair C.A. elections:

The European Union Heads of Missions welcome the agreement concluded between the Government of Nepal and the United Democratic Madhesi Front. This agreement offers the opportunity to hold inclusive, credible, free and fair elections through-out Nepal, including in the Tarai region. The EU expects all parties to work together towards this including by fully implementing their commitments under this agreement and working to deliver a safe environment for elections.

This is time for the elections. The Nepalese people want to express their will through the ballot box. That is why the European Union Heads of Missions reaffirm the importance of holding credible C.A. elections on the scheduled date (of 10th April 2008).


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