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3 Nepali Journalists, 92 Worldwide, Killed in 2007

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Ninety-five journalists and media workers (including 3 Nepali) were killed in 2007 for their professional activities, reports the WAN.

Aaccording the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) report of Feb 7/08, in 2007, 3 journalists were killed in Nepal. The numbers for the rest of the world is 92. These journalists and other media workers were killed world-wide because of their professional activities in the past year. Iraq and other conflict zones accounted for more than two-thirds of the deaths.

Those killed from Nepal include Prakash Singh Thakuri (publisher and editor, Aajako Samachar, date killed unconfirmed), Birendra Shah (journalist, Nepal FM, Dristi Weekly, Avenues TV, killed October 5, 2007), and Shankar Panthi (correspondent, Naya Satta, killed on September 16, 2007).

Forty-four journalists and other media workers were killed in Iraq last year. Somalia was the second deadliest place for journalists, with eight killed, followed by Sri Lanka (6) and Pakistan (5).

The 2007 death toll, released after investigation into all potential media murders, is the second highest since WAN began tracking annual deaths in 1998. It compares with 110 killed in 2006, 58 killed in 2005, 72 killed in 2004, and 53 killed in 2003.

"Iraq continues to be the deadliest country in the world for media, and the rising number of journalists killed in all conflicts is a cause for deep concern," said Timothy Balding, Chief Executive Officer of the Paris-based WAN.
Journalists in many countries are also being targeted and killed for investigating organised crime, drug trafficking, corruption and other crimes. "In the vast majority of cases, nobody is brought to justice for their murders," said Mr Balding.

Journalists and other media workers were killed in 25 countries and territories in 2007: Afghanistan (2); Brazil (1); Burma (1); China (1); Democratic Republic of the Congo (2); El Salvador (1); Eritrea (2); Guatemala (1); Haiti (2); Honduras (1); Iraq (44); Kyrgyzstan (1); Mexico (3); Nepal (3); Pakistan (5); Palestinian Territories (2); Paraguay (1); Peru (1); Philippines (2); Russia (2); Somalia (8); Sri Lanka (6); Turkey (1); United States (1); and Zimbabwe (1).

Five journalists have already been killed in 2008, in Afghanistan, Brazil, Honduras, Iraq and Nepal.

Several press freedom organisations track the number of journalists killed each year. The numbers vary based on the criteria used by different associations. WAN’s figures include all media workers killed in the line of duty or targeted because of their work. It also includes cases where the motive for the killings is unsure or where investigations have not been completed.

The Paris-based WAN, the global organisation for the newspaper industry, defends and promotes press freedom world-wide. It represents 18,000 newspapers; its membership includes 77 national newspaper associations, newspapers and newspaper executives in 102 countries, 12 news agencies and nine regional and world-wide press groups.

The full list of those killed in 2007
Cases are listed by order of country
Afghanistan (2)
June 5
Zakia Zaki, journalist, Sada-e-Sulh (Peace Radio)
April 8
Ajmal Nasqhbandi, journalist and interpreter, La Repubblica

Brazil (1)
May 5
Luiz Carlos Barbon Filho, journalist, Jornal do Porto, JC Regional, and Rádio Porto FM

Burma (1)
September 27
Kenji Nagai, photographer, AFP

China (1)
January 10
Lan Chengzhang, journalist, Zhongguo Maoyi Bao (China Trade News)

DR Congo (2)
August 9
Patrick Kikuku, freelance photojournalist
June 13
Serge Maheshe Kasole, journalist, radio station Okapi

El Salvador (1)
September 20
Salvador Sánchez Roque, journalist, Radio Maya Visión

Eritrea (2)
June 11
(Presumed Dead) Paulos Kidane, journalist, Eri-Tv and radio Dimtsi Hafash
January 11
(Presumed Dead) Fessehaye "Joshua" Yohannes, journalist, Setit

Guatemala (1)
May 3
Mario Rolando López Sánchez, veteran radio producer, Radio Sonora

Haiti (2)
May 16
Alix Joseph, journalist and director, Radio Provinciale
January 19
Jean-Rémy Badio , freelance photographer

Honduras (1)
October 18
Carlos Salgado, journalist, Radio Cadena Voces (RCV)

Iraq (44)
December 14
Ali Shafeya Al-Moussawi, journalist, news website Alive in Baghdad
October 28
Shehab Mohammad al-Hiti, editor, Baghdad al-Youm
October 14
Salih Saif Aldin, Iraqi reporter, The Washington Post
September 23
Jawad al-Daami, line producer, Al-Baghdadia
July 27
Adnane al-Safi, journalist, Al-Anwar
July 17
Majid Mohammed and Mustafa Darwich Germayan, journalists, Kirkouk Alyoum
July 13
Khalid W. Hassan, journalist, The New York Times
July 12
Namir Noor-Eldeen, photographer, Reuters
June 28
Luay Suleiman, journalist, Nineveh
June 27
Sarmad Hamdi Al-Hassani, journalist, Baghdad TV
June 26
Hamid Abd Sarhane, journalist, Irakioun
June 25
Rahim Al-Maliki, journalist, Al-Iraqiya
June 24
Zena Mahmoud, journalist, Alhaqiqa
June 15
Filaih Wuday Mijthab, editor, Al-Sabah
June 11
Aref Ali Filaih, correspondent, Aswat al-Iraq
June 8
Mohammed Hilal Karji, correspondent, Baghdad TV
June 7
Sahar Al-Haidari, journalist, News Agency Iraq Voices, News Agency Nina, and the Institute for War and Peace
May 31
Saif Fakhry, cameraman, Associated Press Television News
May 30
Nazar Abdulwahid al-Radhi, journalist, news agency Aswat al-Iraq and Radio Free Iraq
May 28
Abdul Rahman al-Issawi, journalist, online National Iraqi News Agency
May 20
Ali Khalil, journalist, Al-Zaman ("Time")
May 17
Alaa Uldeen Aziz, cameraman and Saif Laith Yousuf, soundman, ABC News
May 9
Raad Mutashar, Imad Abdul-Razzaq al-Obeidi and Aqeel Abdul-Qader, journalists, al-Raad
May 6
Dmitry Chebotayev, freelance Russian photographer, Russian Newsweek
April 12
Iman Yussef Abdallah, journalist, radio station The sound of Mossul
April 8
Husain Nizaer, trainee journalist, Baghdad TV
April 8
Thaer Ahmad Jaber, Deputy Director, Baghdad TV
April 4
Othman al-Mashhadan, reporter, Al Watan
April 3
Khamail Muhsin Khalaf, journalist, Radio Free
March 19
Hamid al-Duleimi, producer, TV channel Al-Nahrain
March 7
Youssef Sabri, journalist, Biladi TV
March 4
Mohan Hussein al-Dhahir, managing editor, daily Al-Mashreq
February 24
Jamal al-Zubaidi, economics editor, dailies As-Saffir and Al-Dustour
February 20
Abderrazak Hashim Al-Khakani, journalist, radio Jumhuriyat Al Iraq
February 19
Hussein Al Zubaydi, journalist, weekly al-Ahali
January 28
Munjid Al-Tumaimi, freelance photographer
January 15
Falah Khalaf Al Diyali, journalist, Al Saha
January 14
Yassin Aid Assef, correspondent, Al Saha
January 12
Khoudr Younes al-Obaidi, freelance journalist
January 5
Ahmed Hadi Naji, cameraman, Associated Press Television News

Kyrgyzstan (1)
October 24
Alisher Saipov, editor, weekly Siyosat

Mexico (3)
December 8
Gerardo Israel García Pimentel, journalist, La Opinión de Michoacán
April 23
Saúl Noé Martínez Ortega, crime reporter, Interdiario
April 6
Amado Ramírez Dillanes, journalist, Radiorama Acapulco

Nepal (3)
Date unconfirmed
Prakash Singh Thakuri, publisher and editor, Aajako Samachar,
October 5
Birendra Shah, journalist, Nepal FM, Dristi Weekly, Avenues TV
September 16
Shankar Panthi, correspondent, Naya Satta

Pakistan (5)
November 23
Zubair Ahmed Mujahid, correspondent, daily Jang
October 20
Muhammad Arif, cameraman, ARY One World
July 3
Javed Khan, photojournalist, Markaz
June 2
Noor Hakim Khan, journalist, Pakistan
April 28
Mehboob Khan, freelance news photographer

Palestinian Territories (2)
May 13
Suleiman Abdul-Rahim al-Ashi, economics editor, and Mohammad Matar Abdo, manager responsible for distribution and civic relations, Palestine

Paraguay (1)
August 22
Tito Alberto Palma Godoy, radio journalist, Chaco Boreal

Peru (1)
March 17
Miguel Pérez Julca, journalist, Radio Exitos

Philippines (2)
December 24
Fernando "Batman" Lintuan, journalist, dxGO radio
April 18
Carmelo "Mark" Palacios, journalist, radio station dzRB Radyo ng Bayan

Russia (2)
April 5
Vyacheslav Ifanov, cameraman, Novoye Televideniye Aleiska (NTA)
March 2
Ivan Safronov, military correspondent, Kommersant

Somalia (8)
October 19
Bashir Nor Gedi, Acting Chairperson, Shabelle Media Network
August 24
Abdulkadir Mahad Moallim Kaskey, correspondent, Radio Banadir
August 11
Mahad Ahmed Elmi, director, Radio Capital Voice
August 11
Ali Iman Sharmarke, director, Horn Afrik
May 15
Abshir Ali Gabra and Ahmed Hassan Mahad, journalists, Radio Jowhar
May 5
Mohammed Abdullahi Khalif, radio journalist, Voice of Peace
February 16
Ali Mohammed Omar, radio presenter, Radio Warsan

Sri Lanka (6)
November 27
Isaivizhi Chempiyan, Suresh Linbiyo, T. Tharmalingam, journalists, Voice of Tigers
August 1
Sahadevan Nilakshan, journalism student and editor, student magazine Chaalaram
April 29
Selvarajah Rajivarnam, journalist, Uthayan
April 16
Subash Chandraboas, journalist, magazine Nilam ("the Ground")

Turkey (1)
January 19
Hrant Dink, managing editor, Agos

United States (1)
August 2
Chauncey Bailey, editor, Oakland Post

Zimbabwe (1)
March 29
Edward Chikombo, freelance cameraman

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