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Worsened Security, Increased Crime in Nepal: USA

A revised US Travel Warning says security situation in Nepal has not improved and crime in some parts have actually increased.

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Connecting Rural Nepal to the Global Village

MAHABIR PUN, a 2007 Magsaysay awardee, explains the strategies and lessons learned in his wireless communication projects in remote, rural Nepal.

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Special Edit: Internal Goodwill Needed in Nepal

Despite political uncertainties, Nepal must focus on holding the CA elections on time. This needs goodwill among political actors and citizens.

| Sep 2, 07 11:29 AM | Comments (2)

The Madhesi Movement: Prospects for Peace in Nepal

Minister for industry, commerce and supplies and vice president of NSP party RAJENDRA MAHTO dwells on the prospects of violence in Terai and the peace process in Nepal.

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