| May 25, 07 02:55 PM | Comments (1)

Formal Justice Too Costly in Nepal

Formal justice is too costly in Nepal but the changed political context brings golden opportunity for reform, writes KRISHNA PRASAD BHANDARI, a senior advocate at the Supreme Court

| May 25, 07 02:45 PM | Comments (0)

Nepal's Judiciary Most Corrupt: Global Corruption Report 2007

Nepalis perceive judiciary as the most corrupt, and some even turn to Maoist courts for prompt justice, says a report by Transparency International

| May 17, 07 09:30 PM | Comments (1)

Bhutanese Refugees: Last Hope

Bhutanese refugees languishing in the camps in Nepal and India should be free to choose between returning home or resettling in the US, says Human Rights Watch.

| May 17, 07 01:53 PM | Comments (1)

Hungry Nations: Nepal in the Club of 33

Chronic food shortages are reported particularly in the Far-Western and Mid-West mountain regions of Nepal. The country is among the 33 nations that require external assistance.

| May 13, 07 03:18 AM | Comments (7)

Q & A: So Far, So Good: US Congressman Jim Walsh

Jim_Walsh.JPGThe only Nepali-speaking US Congressman tells JOHN NARAYAN PARAJULI that in Nepal, there should now be a contest of ideas, not weapons.

| May 13, 07 03:03 AM | Comments (0)

Indexing Mothers, Children: The Case of Nepal

Nepal ranks 13th among the 33 least developed countries in the 2007 Mother’s Index. The report credits political will for decreasing child mortality.

| May 11, 07 02:47 PM | Comments (0)

Challenges for Nepali Media in a New Democracy

Enforce media acts as well as professionalize and restructure the sector, says a new study by IFJ on South Asian press.

| May 9, 07 07:41 PM | Comments (5)

Q & A: Bumpy Road Ahead in Nepal

In an interview with the London-based Peace News, editor of Nepal Monitor DHARMA ADHIKARI discusses the peace process in Nepal.

| May 8, 07 08:20 PM | Comments (0)

US Concerned about Security Situation in Nepal

Be careful in traveling to Nepal, says the US Department of State to American citizens in its revised warning on Nepal in five months.

| May 8, 07 06:10 PM | Comments (0)

No Excuse on Plight of Child Soldiers

As many as 6 to 9,000 child soldiers languish in cantonement sites in Nepal. JOE BAKER of Human Rights Watch says there is no excuse for letting them suffer.

| May 5, 07 08:47 AM | Comments (0)

Elections in Nepal Expected in November: Ian Martin

IAN MARTIN, the head of the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), says elections in Nepal might be held in November, 2007.

| May 5, 07 01:58 AM | Comments (0)

UN Committee on ESCR Considers Report of Nepal

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has considered the second periodic report of Nepal on the country's progress on those fronts.

| May 4, 07 08:03 AM | Comments (1)

Q & A: Sunil Panta

sunil_small.jpgNepal’s sexual minority rights activist says there are some 40,000 recorded LGBTs in the country, and that legal reform will be his main focus for the next five years.

| May 1, 07 08:45 AM | Comments (0)

United States' Nepal Report 2006 on Terrorism

Killings are significantly lower in Nepal, but this year saw the beginning of a disturbing new trend in the Terai, reads the US report.

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