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Complex Questions Remain in Nepal: Ban Ki-Moon

The UN Secretary-General BAN KI-MOON notes “remarkable progress” in the peace process but also acknowledges the complexity of the Nepali problem.

| Apr 30, 07 01:35 AM | Comments (1)

Violence Against Education

There is a noticeable increase in targeted violence against education personnel in Nepal and other conflict-ridden countries, reports BRENDAN O’MALLEY

| Apr 22, 07 09:19 PM | Comments (5)

Nepali Media Boom in North America

There may be a boom in Nepal and Nepali-related news websites and other mass media in North America, but that surge does not come paired with professional growth, writes KRISHNA SHARMA

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Gaur Massacre Was Preventable: UN Report

There can be no doubt that most, if not all, of the killings in Gaur of southern Nepal could have been prevented, the official UN investigation report says.

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Carter Center on Pre-Election Conditions

The Carter Center Nepal elections observation mission says talking is good, but there is need for some real actions before we conduct free and fair CA elections.

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2064 B.S.: A New Year Editorial

Let’s not just hope and wish. Let’s do something little more about things at this critical juncture in Nepal's history.

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Nepal, South Asia in US Democratic Trajectory

Institutional focus in South Asia, and negotiated settlement in Nepal override the US democratic interest in the region, says a new report.

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Saarc Declaration 2007: Let's Mean Business

The eight-page declaration welcomes Afghanistan as a new member, heavily emphasizes the region's social and economic development, and says the next summit will be in the Maldives.

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Koirala's Statement at Saarc Summit in New Delhi

It's decision time for Saarc, says PM Koirala, addressing the regional body's 14th summit in New Delhi. And "dialogue" is intrumental in change, as in Nepal.

| Apr 2, 07 10:15 PM | Comments (2)

Nepal: Going Somewhere

There is an interim government in Kathmandu. And this one is not just another government, for the road ahead is different, writes DHARMA ADHIKARI.

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World Reactions on Interim Government

Nepal's friends and members of the diplomatic community welcome the Maoist-included interim government. They urge caution, and for a dialogue to resolve any hurdles ahead.

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