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Q & A: Alok K. Bohara

bohara_small.jpgThe head of Nepal Study Center tackles questions about Nepali academics in North America, as well as cotemporary economic and political trends in Nepal.

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Editorial Analysis: Crisis Deepens in Madhesh

From Nepalgunj to Lahan to Khajura to Gaur, the crisis in Madhesh has gotten bad from worse in just four months. A Nepal Monitor update on the continuing turmoil in southern Nepal.

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Learning to Study Nepali Music

He started it a decade ago with a flute at Thamel, and with, what else, but Resham Phiriri. Now, DR. MICHAEL BRAZ says he would like to introduce some of the Nepali music to children’s choirs in America.

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An Impulsive Nation

From the palace to the pavements, from tea shops to blogs, Nepal is a country of impulsive characters, writes DR. J.

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Nepal's Human Rights in 2006

Nepal saw some improvement in human rights in 2006, but Maoist abuses continued relatively unabated, says an official US report for 2006.

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Q & A: Chhora in America

brot_coburn.jpgIn this exclusive interview with Nepal Monitor, BROUGHTON COBURN, the famed author of Aama in America, discusses mountaineering, conservation, development, politics and writing.

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Being 'Modern' in Nepal

We can be modern even by being anti-modern, says SANJEEV POKHAREL.

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