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Book Review: Communicating Democracy

Patrick H. O'Neil's book does not provide any universal blueprint for media’s role in democracy, but its comparative case studies help capture the major issues and debates in democratization across the globe, writes DHARMA ADHIKARI.

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Nepal HR Report Tabled at the United Nations

In a report submitted to the UN General Assembly, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights LOUISE ARBOUR says HR situation has improved in Nepal to some extent, but much needs to be done in the areas of justice and law.

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IDPs in a “Wait-and-See” Mood

There is a ceasefire but the conditions have not improved. Only a few thousand of the estimated 200,000 internally displaced Nepalis have returned home; and most are in a “wait-and-see” mood. Report by Internal Displacement Monitoring Center of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

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Q & A: Devendra Raj Panday

One of the "Aguas" of the civil society movement, DEVENDRA RAJ PANDAY, remembers Harka Gurung, explains the concept behind Citizen's Movement for Democracy and Peace, the intricacies of the peace process, and examines policy as well as the economy.

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Policing the New Nepali Economy

Nepali migrant workers overseas, estimated now at 1 million, have transformed the country’s agricultural based economy into a remittance based economy. PRAKASAH BHATTARAI calls for a comprehensive policy review to nurture this new economy.

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