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Planning Nepal: Face-to-Face with Realism

To eliminate political interventions, and externalities in the country’s development efforts, the National Planning Commission must be transformed into a constitutional body, argues RABINDRA SHAKYA, a former member-secretary of that body

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Seven Sins of Maoists

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-N) says Maoists’ abuses continue, in at least 7 different ways.

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Oli at the UN: We Are Transforming, Help Us

The Deputy Prime Minister K.P. SHARMA OLI tells the UN General Assembly 61st Session: We are undergoing a fundamental democratic transformation in the country, but we need the UN and the world community’s help in that process of transformation.

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Fighting Poverty, Energy-Wise

Projects based on clean development mechanism (CDM), as provided for in the Kyoto Protocol, can help Nepalis fight the vicious cycle of poverty, writes HARI BANSHA DULAL

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New Information and Communications Order?

This may well be Nepal’s version of the McBride Commission. However, the Adhikari Commission report is far from complete.

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Nepal's Religious Freedom In American Eyes

The annual religious freedom report by the US chronicles some instances of intoleration among religious groups, Maoist persecution and harassment of Hindu priests, as well as official suppression of Tibetan Buddhists' celebrations.

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International Media Advisement: Do More

Nepal has restored press freedom. Good. But much still needs to be done, says the recently concluded International Media Mission in a submission to the high-level Media Commission.

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