| Aug 27, 06 08:12 AM | Comments (3)

Preserving the Indigenous Languages

Welcoming the linguistic provisions in the Interim Draft Constitution, BABU RAM FYUBA and PRABHAT KIRAN KOIRALA argue that Globalization should not be a barrier to the preservation of indigenous languages.

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Book Review: Media & Democracy in Asia

Nepal's experiment in democratic media received a heavy jolt in the past few years. This book, published in Singapore, helps to contextualize that experience regionally, and historically, writes DHARMA ADHIKARI.

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Letter to the UN (II): Together They Write This Time

The new letter, joint yet separate, drops the demand for “decommissioning Maoists combatants” and renews its call on the world body to help monitor the peace process and the elections.

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Q & A: Staffan de Mistura

Kofi Annan's speical envoy STAFFAN DE MISTURA says he detected lack of trust and knowledge about techniques of confidence building in Nepal. And he offers to help.

| Aug 4, 06 11:02 PM | Comments (1)

Transitional Justice for Nepal

Without methods of reconciliation, the social fabric will be strained and will become a breeding ground for future conflicts, warns LORI MIZUNO. Her suggestion: A formula of both truth and some form of justice.

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